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Year 7 Term Books

“Mathematics has long been seen as the “Gatekeeper” of success or failure for High school graduation and career success and should therefore become a pump rather than a filter in the pipeline of education.” (National Research Council NRC, 1989)It is that lack of sufficient mathematical skill and understanding that can affect a student’s ability to make those critically important Educational, Life and Career decisions as they move through their High School Education.

“I believe that every child is a Genius!”

Believing that and understanding just what can and so often does happen to math students falling into the above category, Robert Ollis, has embarked upon a mission to ensure that all students worldwide, have access to some of his unique methods of math instruction that has seen hundreds and hundreds of his students achieve tremendous academic success.

Year 7 need not become the minefield of misunderstanding that it often does for a student with the playing field now leveled thanks to the Robert Ollis, having put together over a period spanning more than 35 years, some of the best instructional tutorials that any student will ever have the privilege of watching and learning from.

Founder of Master Coaching and now co-founder of RobertOMath.com, Robert Ollis has made available to all students, his unique teaching methods that literally, take the difficulty out of everything from Long Division to Calculus, thus eliminating, those stress levels that so often sees math students abandoning in their senior years of high school, the very subject that can and should, open doors for them in their career choices.

As mathematics deals with the study of numbers, data, shapes and space thus involving mathematical processes of thinking, rules and symbols, it will be of comfort to students in this their formative year of high school, to know that mathematics actually helps them to develop a powerful way of investigating uncertainty, generality, patterns and order.

Robert Ollis knows, that once a math student comprehends that Math is a way of thinking, a way of reasoning and a way of working that can be applied to both real life problems and abstract situations, they will also begin to recognize how mathematics is used in different fields and occupations.

Year 7 is all about Number, Whole numbers, Common Fractions, Percentages, Algebra and Alebraic Expressions, Relationship between units of Measurement and the attributes of length, area, volume, mass, Estimation, Chance and Data-summary of and the representation to support inferences and conclusions, Space and how geometric conventions are used to classify, represent and manipulate geometric shapes, Congruency, Points, Lines and Planes of Symmetry, Mapping conventions and being able to specify, identify and apply, Arithmetic, Equations and Problems.

And Robert Ollis, is a true motivator on a mission to inspire all students to achieve to their potential, both academically and personally. For the student who lacks the confidence and self belief to achieve, the RobertOMath workbooks and tutorials, due to the diligence of Robert Ollis, students will be able to see and experience the turnaround that he has long believed in and worked so tirelessly towards.

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