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Year 8 Term Books

“Mathematics has actually long been viewed as the “Gatekeeper” of success or failure for High school graduation and profession success and should for that reason become a pump instead of a filter in the pipeline of education and learning.” (National Research Council NRC, 1989).It is the lack of adequate mathematical skill and understanding that can influence a student’s capacity and confidence to make those crucial Educational, Life and Career decisions as they move through their Senior High School years of Education.

“I believe that every child is a Genius!”

Believing that and understanding simply what can typically and needlessly does happen to Mathematics students falling into that category, Robert Ollis, the master tutor from RobertOMath.com has actually taken his dream, first realized in Australia in the late 1980’s and extended it to students globally.

Robert’s aim is to reach Math students from around the world with his one-of-a-kind approaches towards Math Tuition that has seen hundreds and hundreds of his pupils accomplish incredible scholastic success.

Year 8 for the master tutor is about helping students globally to develop the mindset for Mathematics, about teaching how to put themselves in a good place mentally where they can absorb his unique tutoring style and finally, helping them move on towards reaping the benefits of academic achievement that so many of his past students have been rewarded with.

The math workbooks for year 8 cover the following:

Measurement and Geometry, Number and Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Arithmetic, Equations, Angles, Money, Integers, Brain Teasers, Ration, Similar Figures and Triangles, Percentages

Robert Ollis, having actually assembled over a period spanning even more than 35 years, several of the best instructional tutorials that a student will ever have the privilege of seeing and picking up from, now makes his lifelong work available for all students, from all sectors and of all ages.

Creator of Master Coaching and now co-founder of RobertOMath.com, Robert Ollis has offered to all students, his one-of-a-kind teaching approaches that literally, extracts the difficulty from topics like Long Division and Calculus, thus removing stress levels that sees all too many Math students deserting in their senior years of high school, the very subject that can and should, open doors for them in their occupational aspirations.

As math deals with the research of numbers, data, shapes and space therefore involving mathematical procedures of thinking, rules and signs, it will be of unbridled convenience to students in this their second year of High School, to understand that Mathematics actually helps them to develop a powerful way of examining uncertainty, generality, patterns and order.

The master tutor understands, that once a mathematics pupil understands that Math is a way of thinking, a method of reasoning and a means of working that could be put on both reality problems and abstract scenarios, they will also begin to acknowledge just how mathematics is utilized today in the various fields and occupations.

Robert Ollis, is a motivator on a mission to inspire all students to achieve to the heights of their potential, both academically and personally!For the student who does not have the self-confidence and self belief to achieve, the RobertOMath workbooks and tutorials, due to the diligence of Robert Ollis, a master tutor of more than 35 years, they will experience for themselves, the turnaround that he has actually long counted on and worked so tirelessly towards.

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