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Year 8 Topic Books

Year 8 is importantly, about helping math students develop the mindset for Mathematics, about teaching how to put themselves in a good place mentally where they can absorb a unique tutoring style and finally, about helping them reap the benefits of academic achievement that they deserve.The math topic books for year 8 cover the following: Measurement and Geometry, Number and Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Arithmetic, Equations, Angles, Money, Integers, Brain Teasers, Ratio, Similar Figures, Triangles and Percentages.

During the course of Year 8 mathematics, students will develop their problem solving skills in applying different problem-solving strategies available to them.

Year 8 Math students will develop and be able to apply reasoning skills in identifying different relationships and generalizations through the process of inductive reasoning whilst also developing the skill of using counter-examples to plan then construct very organized mathematical arguments.

Of equal importance will be the ability of students throughout Year 8, to choose upon reflection then use effectively, the various solid, visual, and electronic learning tools and computational strategies available to them in the investigation of mathematical ideas and to solve many different problems.

Their capacity to make connections amidst other mathematical procedures and concepts and to relate them successfully to other frameworks and phenomena such as present in their daily lives like sport, cultures and current events will grow throughout the year as will their ability to create a variety of different representations of mathematical ideas.

Importantly for the year 8 Mathematics Student, will be the increased boost in confidence they receive from being able to communicate more effectively and not just visually, but orally and in writing.

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