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Year 9 Term Books

“Mathematics has long been seen as the “Gatekeeper” of success or failure for Senior High School graduation and career success and must as a result, become a pump as opposed to a filter in the pipeline of education.” (National Research Council NRC, 1989).It is the lack of sufficient mathematical skill and understanding that could influence a student’s capacity to make those critically important Educational, Life and Career choices as they move through their High School education.

Thinking that and comprehending just what could therefore and commonly does happen to mathematics students falling into that classification, Robert Ollis, through the medium of RobertOMath, has embarked upon a goal to guarantee all students from around the globe, access to some of his special techniques in math instruction:

Methods devised as far back as the 1980‘s by Robert Ollis, himself an exceptionally high math achiever after having been awarded straight distinctions in Pure Mathematics while studying at the University of New South Wales Australia (the highest award given by the university at the time)

Those exact same methods still used today by hundreds and hundreds of his ex-students who have gone on to attain some incredible academic success.

Year 9 need not become the minefield of misinterpretation that it so often does for students with the playing field now opened up to everyone by the master tutor Robert O who believes that every student deserves to excel in Mathematics.

Hence his belief also that:

“I believe that every child is a Genius!”

Creator of Master Coaching and now co-founder of robertOmath.com, Robert Ollis has created video tutorials of his distinct teaching methods that actually take the mystery out of everything from Long Division to Calculus, therefore eradicating the tension levels that accounts for streams of math students deserting in their senior years of high school, the very subject that should open doors for them in their career choices.

As Math deals with the research of numbers, data, shapes and area hence including mathematical processes of thinking, guidelines and symbols, it will be of comfort to students in this their third year of high school, to understand that math in fact helps them to develop a powerful means of exploring uncertainty, generality, patterns and order.

Robert Ollis knows that when a mathematics student understands that Math is a way of thinking, a method of reasoning and a method of working that can be applied to both real life issues and abstract situations, they will also begin to comprehend just how math is used in various industries and occupations.

Robert Ollis, is a motivator on a mission to inspire and instruct all students in attaining their true level of potential, both academically and personally. For the student who does not have the confidence and self belief to achieve a good result, application to the workbooks and instructional tutorials, so carefully put together by Robert Ollis, they will experience the turnaround that he has long believed in and worked so tirelessly towards.

Topics covered in Year 9 include:

Arithmetic, Algebra, Angles, Calculator and Percentages, Consumer Problems, Data and Chance, Decimal approximations, Measurement, Number Plane, Linear and Non-Linear Equations, Perimeter, Area and Volume, Problems, Ratio, Similar Figures, Surds and Indices, Trigonometry, Variables and Constants, Formulae

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