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Venenatis Vel Vestibulum

Time spent: 10 weeks
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  • As a Principal of a large tuition college I engaged Robert Ollis in 2001 to not only address my tutors but also over 100 parents and students. The immediate positive feedback and enthusiasm from all involved was overwhelming. Years later I still run into past students and teachers who have observed that listening to Robert has changed many of their attitudes and even their own lives for the better. Robert Ollis not only has all the qualifications and qualities of an outstanding educator, he has that rare ability to motivate and inspire.

    "Making a difference" has become just another slogan yet to Robert,it is a way of life.

    September 23 2010

  • I have sought on more than one occasion, the services of Robert Ollis (Bob) as a Master Coach of Mathematics whose expertise and high level of integrity sees students, fortunate to be tutored by him, achieve results that are truly outstanding. "Robert is the most outstanding trainer I have ever met or read about. His ability in the process of understanding education and learning would exceed any authority that I am aware of. i know this man as a business consultant and as an educator having first met in 1970. He has coached the dux of many schools and including my own son and daughter. I have sat through many sessions as Bob coached many hundreds of teachers in the art of tuition and every time I have noted astonishment from his audience which was comprised of many highly educated teachers. They were so reinvigorated and inspired. He is one of Australia's quiet achievers who has done so much for so many through his passion for education. I know that anyone seeking Bob's services will be totally satisfied with the outcome."
    September 22, 2011

    Anna Smith, Company Inc.

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