Matchstick Math Puzzles

Some of these matchstick puzzles are easy.

Matchstick math puzzles. But i don t like the idea of having matchsticks readily available for young children. Double click a matchstick to rotate it through 90 o or to rotate the last stick moved. However few of these puzzles are touch and will require out of box thinking.

We have compiled list of matchstick puzzles in which you need to complete equation move matchsticks to solve brain teasers or counting squares rectangles to solve the riddles. Puzzle 1 puzzle 2 puzzle 3 puzzle 4 puzzle 5 stick 1 stick 2 stick 3 fish more puzzles move three matches to new positions in the diagram so that there are five squares instead of three. We replaced lines by matchstick is done to add more fun element to solving problems.

Today i have ideas for using matchstick puzzles for multiple. We have added printable worksheets of matchstick puzzles in 4 difficulty levels. Here are a few matchstick math equation puzzles.

And brain teasers like matchstick puzzles are just fun even for adults. Matchstick puzzles are awesome math challenges great for critical thinking and creativity. In each of these puzzles one has to move exactly two matchsticks to different positive so that the equation given becomes correct.

From easier to very hard. We offer thousands of math and iq puzzles on our website.

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