Math Riddles And Puzzles Mod Apk

Download the latest app version of math riddles and puzzles math games mod for android a puzzle game.

Math riddles and puzzles mod apk. Download the latest apk version of math riddles and puzzles math games mod a puzzle game for android. Challenge yourself with different levels of math puzzle game and stretch the limits of your intelligence you can test your iq with these 300 logical puzzles. Math puzzles combining logic puzzles have completed your iq.

If you have problems with mathematics or want to develop your abilities in calculations a little this application will help you in this matter. Math puzzles application contains best collection of maths riddles and brain teasers with answers for you to solve. This mod includes unlimited life.

This mod includes unlimited lives. Both parts of your brain will be tested by exploring the relations between the numbers in geometrical figures and different brain teasers. About the game this game contains 300 math riddles and puzzles.

Math puzzles and riddles premium mod version v1 1 for android. Familiarize yourself with completely different categories of math video games and expand the scope of your ideas.

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